Protect your investment with Business Care

Latest technology. Peace of mind. Exceptional value.

There's no better way to protect and extend your Act! investment than with Business Care, a comprehensive maintenance and support plan that delivers the latest technology, peace of mind, and exceptional value to you and your business.

With Business Care, you get automatic access to new product innovations, expert support you can count on, and valuable extras that help you reduce the time, effort, and cost of operating your Act! solution.

Customer Support

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Monday-Friday 9.30am - 4.30pm GMT

For assistance with technical product support, product usage and configuration. Available for customers with an active support plan. >>

Business Care for Act!

Compare Business Care plans by drilling into the specifics of each plan benefit or simply select a plan to learn more about what's included.

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Gold* Silver Bronze Support*
Latest technology Gold* Silver Bronze Support*
Feature and platform enhancements Stay current with the newest product innovations, plus stay compatible with popular operating and desktop systems, through automatic feature enhancements and platform updates 1 -
Peace of mind Gold* Silver Bronze Support*
Customer support Get the help you need to keep your business running smoothly - you can consult with expert Act! Support Advisors ready to answer "how to" questions, show you time-saving shortcuts, and quickly resolve issues related to Act!. Interact with Act! Support Advisors through the method most convenient for you, including phone and email options.2 8am - 6pm 8am - 6pm - 9am - 5pm
Advanced-level Act! Support Advisors Have access to our most experienced Act! Support Advisors. - - -
Appointment scheduling Consult with dedicated Act! Support Advisors on a date and time most convenient for you, using our appointment scheduling application. - - -
Voice message support Avoid wait times by leaving a message for Act! Support Advisors and receive a response when the next advisor becomes available. - - -
Remote access support Our Act! Support Advisors can remotely access your machine with your permission to help answer any of your program queries. 3 - -
Exceptional value Gold* Silver Bronze Support*
Act! Anytime Learning Get up-to-speed quickly with online training courses available with Act! Anytime Learning.
Handheld Contact ™ Handheld Contact™ for Act! makes it simple to go mobile with the power to wirelessly access and manage your Act! Contacts, Calendar, Activities, and more right on your mobile device - even if you have no Internet connection. 50% off RRP 50% off RRP - -
Act! emarketing Powerful and easy-to-use emarketing tools enable you to quickly segment lists and groups, then create, send, and track professional, eye-catching email campaigns that reach customers and prospects with the right message at the right time - all from within Act!.
Act! Marketplace Discounts Get exclusive discounts on Marketplace solutions.
Optional extras Gold* Silver Bronze Support*
Webinar training Aimed at the new user, these weekly webinars will allow you to get the most from your software without committing to lengthy training courses. 30% Off RRP 20% Off RRP 10% Off RRP 10% Off RRP
Remote training Learn in the comfort of your office at a time convenient to you. One of our experienced trainers will conduct these sessions using screen sharing technology allowing you to complete this bespoke training without leaving your office. 30% Off RRP 20% Off RRP 10% Off RRP 10% Off RRP
Remote consultation We are here to help. Using Remote support one of our Act! Consultants will understand your CRM requirements and through years of experience provide you with the Act! solution you need, from Installation and Database setup to Imports and Integration. 30% Off RRP 20% Off RRP 10% Off RRP 10% Off RRP
Training workbooks A cost effective reference and self-study guide, our Act! Workbooks provide all you need for a new user through to Database administration. 30% Off RRP 20% Off RRP 10% Off RRP 10% Off RRP
Classroom training Visit our Reading or Newcastle facilities for one of our comprehensive 2-day courses. No day-to-day distraction means you can focus on getting the most from your software and take your CRM solution to the next level.4 10% Off RRP 5% Off RRP
Private training Through consultation with our trainers we will deliver bespoke Onsite training for up to 8 delegates.4 10% Off RRP 5% Off RRP

* Only available to UK customers

1 Provides access to the latest feature enhancements and platform updates for your Act! software released during your enrolment for Business Care Gold, Silver or Bronze. Business Care is not required for continuous access to product fixes for supported versions.

2 Phone support times vary by region. Refer to the Business Care Brief for your region for more details on our support opening hours.

3 Remote support is provided whilst you are on the phone and with your explicit permission only. A small application must be installed on your machine to enable the remote access session.

4 Act! Classroom Training and Private Training are currently only available within the United Kingdom.

Important Note: For Act!: Review Act! system requirements here. You must purchase one license of Act! per user. Scalability varies based on hardware, size, and usage of your database.

For Business Care: Business Care plans are automatically-renewing and subsequent one-year terms will be automatically invoiced on the plan expiration date unless you contact us to cancel the subscription. If you choose to pay by Direct Debit in the UK you don't need to do anything, and payments will continue to be taken after renewal unless you contact us to cancel the subscription. Swiftpage will notify you thirty (30) days in advance of your expiration date. Renewal is not required for continuous access to product fixes for your supported versions.