Act! Pro

Platform: Windows®

Act! gives the power to see a 360-degree view of all customers, companies and relationships so you can quickly spot new opportunities and smoothly start or engage in relevant conversations focusing on providing a unique customer experience.

Act! Pro from one hundred and seventy nine pounds or two hundred and nine euros per user excluding Value Added Tax

Perfect for small teams
Designed for individuals and teams of up to 10 users.
Stay organised
It will help you get organised - giving you a single view of your customer contact information, emails, meeting notes, activities, history and to-dos.
Fully integrated
Seamlessly interacts with Microsoft® Outlook®, Google® Mail, Google® Calendar, LinkedIn® and more.

Here's what you can do

Screenshot of graphical representation of database timeline

Know every detail about your customers and contacts

Act! enables you to drill down into specific details about your business relationships. Putting the latest information at your fingertips, from contacts and calendars to customer notes and history.

  • Keep customer contact information, plus associated notes, history, activities, documents, opportunities, social media profiles, and more in one organised place.
  • View a complete history list at a glance and drill down by date, type of history, user or keyword to find the information you need. Plus export this information to Excel to make reporting even easier.
  • Automatically link your existing and new contacts to company records, giving you an instant view of everyone you do business with at a single company.

Make the most of your working day

Act! can help you handle the things that need to get done every day, leaving you more time to focus on what counts - your customers and sales.

  • With Act! Scratchpad you can avoid duplication or loss of important information, a convenient virtual notepad.
  • Smart Tasks lets you accomplish more, it will put activities in your calendar, send emails for you and much more, even when your Act! software is closed.
  • Track scheduled activities and associate them to your contacts for a complete view of happenings with those relationships.
  • Stay up-to-date with when a scheduled task completes successfully, or fails - giving you peace of mind that important database tasks are being completed.
Screenshot of Act! CRM contact view of LinkedIn integration

Work seamlessly with the tools you rely on everyday

You can do it all from just one place. Act! works seamlessly with the tools you already rely on, like: Microsoft® Outlook®, Gmail®, Google® Contacts, Google Calendar, LinkedIn®, and Facebook®.

  • Write an Outlook® email from within Act! and a history is recorded on the associated contact for quick recall.
  • Sync your Act! contacts and calendar with Outlook® and Google®, then easily access them from either application.
  • View popular social media sites within Act! to see more detail about what your customers are up to now.
Laptop showing integrations and data source with Act!

Generate a buzz and create new sales opportunities

With Act! emarketing emails are easy to create, send and track. A cost-effective way to grow your business by regularly communicating with your customers and prospects with the right message at the right time. Call lists automatically recommend hot leads to follow up with to generate sales.

Integrated analytics

  • Easily segment data, on any criteria with just one click.
  • Get detailed reports - including opens, clicks, bounces, opt-outs, and more.
  • Record history and notes back into your Act! database.

Create sales opportunities

  • Rank your hottest leads based on up to date customer interaction.

Template editor

  • Dynamic online editing tool
  • Choose from 100's of customisable templates - including mobile-friendly versions.
  • Host & Share images and documents.
  • Personalisation options like dynamic data integration for smarter targeting.

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Act! Business Care - Taking care of what matters

Our Act! Business Care memberships have been designed to ensure you get the most from your software and have the best possible support and advice on hand for your business. With an Act! Business Care membership, you'll receive great benefits including:

  • Password Decode: Our experts can quickly and easily decode your password should the need arise.
  • Telephone support: Our team of experts are available 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Business Care Silver members can benefit from extended hours (8am to 6pm).
  • Email support: Email our experts with your query at any time. We answer all queries within 48 working hours.
  • Knowledgebase: Access an online library of FAQs about Act! as well as general business queries.

Ready to get Act!

Act! gives the power to see a 360-degree view of all customers, companies and relationships so you can be better prepared and focused on providing a unique customer experience.

Important Note: Review Act! system requirements . You must purchase one license of Act! per user. Scalability varies based on hardware, size, and usage of your database. For Act! emarketing: Basic account included (email up to 500 contacts per month). Product Features vary based on services chosen. Visit for details.

For Act! Business Care: To ensure continuous service, your Act! Business Care Membership may automatically renew. Swiftpage™ will notify you 30 days in advance of your expiration date. Your plan will be renewed and automatically billed or drafted for the same term, unless you contact us at least seven (7) calendar days prior to your expiration date. Renewal is not required for continuous access to product updates for your supported versions.