Act! Essentials

Bring your business into focus

Act! Essentials helps you easily consolidate and manage contacts, activities, notes, and history, and connect with prospects and customers in one organised place, accessible from anywhere.

Let Act! Essentials take it from here, or anywhere.

contact management for SMB

Get organised

Manage your contacts, activities, and most importantly, your time, by keeping your notes, history and interactions together in one organised place.

customer management for SMB

Stay connected

Know the latest details about your contacts, wherever you are, from any device, so you can prioritise your day and make informed decisions

CRM for Start-Up business

Look professional

Intelligently segment your target list, customise a relevant, engaging message, hit send – and watch the results roll in.

Here's what you can do

contact management for small businesses

Contact & Agenda Management

Keep all your contacts in one place - easily import from spreadsheets, Google or iCloud® and organise by groups. Take notes and add activities right on the contact in Act! Essentials so you can prioritise and manage your day efficiently.


Stay connected to your business by accessing key contact and activity details from your iPhone®, iPad® or Android device.

Act! Essentials software on iPad

Email marketing

Create, send, and track professional, eye-catching campaigns that reach customers and prospects with the right message at the right time.

Social integration

Know more about your contacts by linking their Facebook® accounts with their contact information in Act! Essentials.

CRM reportings and email campaign follow up


Track your success with real-time email campaign reporting, and know who to follow-up with first with intelligent, prioritised call lists – all from within Act! Essentials.

Ready to get Act! Essentials

Act! Essentials strives to capture every interaction you have with prospects and customers because knowing more helps create meaningful relationships.