Act! emarketing

With Act! emarketing emails are easy to create, send and track. A cost-effective way to grow your business by regularly communicating with your customers and prospects with the right message at the right time. Call lists automatically recommend hot leads to follow up with to generate sales.

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Stay in touch with customers and increase sales.

Integrated analytics

  • Easily segment data, on any criteria with just one click.
  • Get detailed reports - including opens, clicks, bounces, opt-outs, and more
  • Record history and notes back into your Act! database

Sales opportunities

  • Rank your hottest leads based on up to date customer interaction

Template editor

  • Dynamic online editing tool
  • 100s of customisable templates - including mobile-friendly versions
  • Host & Share images and documents
  • Personalisation options like dynamic data integration for smarter targeting

Here's what you can do

Make the most of Act! capabilities

  • View contacts, lookups, groups, and companies from within Act! to create targeted email lists.
  • Access your emarketing results on each contact record within Act!.
  • Look at the complete history, and edit contact details to keep your data up-to-date - no synching, uploading, or downloading needed.
Laptop using Act! emarketing email software

Create more effective email templates

  • With 100's of customisable email templates provided, you will be sure to find one that fits your business requirements or simply import your own HTML files.
  • Customising your email template is simple with our intuitive template editor.
  • Mobile-friendly templates offer maximum readability on mobile devices.

Send emails confidently

  • With our hints and tips on deliverability you can ensure your message gets to the inbox.
  • As a permission-based email provider, we provide best practices for acquiring new contacts and strategies on how to get them.
  • Send personalised emails straightaway or schedule them for future delivery.

Measure more results

  • Reports at your fingertips - including opens, clicks, and bounces - to better understand your recipients.
  • Improve future emails based on previous results.
Monitor with an Act! CRM consultant remoting in to customise the software

Organise your leads

  • Enable Call Lists1 at time of send or anytime afterwards to get dynamic, up-to-date interaction information.
  • View Call Lists for each of your campaigns, or combine the hottest leads from all of your campaigns into one.
  • Review results for all Call Lists, or for campaigns over a specified time frame.

Prioritised Follow-up

  • Access a prioritised list of recipients organised by level of interaction - allowing you to view and contact those who are most interested in your message - right from within Act!.
  • Robust integration within Act! allows you to easily create Histories, Activities, Lookups, and more - right from the contact within the Call List.

Host & Share Your Media

  • Ensure customers notice your message with personalisation options like dynamic data integration and attention-grabbing images.
  • Upload and host images and documents to personalise your emails.
  • Easily share images and documents in your email campaigns by embedding or linking to your hosted library.

Important Note: Review Act! system requirements here. You must purchase one license of Act! per user. Scalability varies based on hardware, size, and usage of your database.

For Act! emarketing: Basic account included (email up to 500 contacts per month). Product Features vary based on services chosen.